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Posted by Jamie Havican on Monday, 25 of November , 2013 at 12:28 pm

This week was the official Debut Of The Jamie Havican Show Inside The Eleusinian Cafe. Jamie Has been Hosting his own Talk Radio Show Since 2009 first as Florida UFO Radio, but after 100+ Guest Interviews on the topic of UFOs he decided to make a change so that he could do shows on any aavailable topic.

In Early to Mid 2010 Jamie started Inception Radio, The Show and for their record it was four months before he had heard about or seen the movie with the same name. Inception radio the show was doing so good that others wanted to be aboard after seeing all the traffic, and that soon turned into the network.

After some major surgeries in April of 2013, Jamie returned to the Network and it no longer felt like home to him. He wasn’t the person he was when he left, so he took a bit of a break and launched Inception Radio. Why change the name he has been using for three years? Even that was a problem, so he put everything behind him and started the Eleusinian Cafe then changed the show name two The Jamie HavIcan Show, Why? because John Doe cannot host the Jamie Havican show and claim he is Jamie Havican, that he started the show, & if it wasn’t for John Doe there would be no show. The Jamie Havican Show will be the show name from now forward, unless something that big a comes along.

The reason I did a bit of an extended post is because this is the first official show as the Jamie Havican Show. In episode number one Jamie interviews Matthew Heines who is an author&since 2000 has spent most of his time in the Middle East working for gov’t companies like the DOD teaching English. Matthews most noted for his book deceptions of the ages, Mormons three masons and extraterrestrials. Jamie has interviewed that the twice in the past but it is that at least a year and 1/2 before this interview in July and make sure you keep up with and Jamie show on Facebook ABS Facebook.Com/EleusinianCafe and you can always get to the web site using

The guest web site is, there you can find his three current books two on his experiences in Oman, and Deceptions. Make sure you keep an eye out for his fourth book which he says will be out out within the next few months, and Jamie will be having him back after he reads the new book. Please help spread the word Jamie and starting from scratch, and he knows this is going togrow, but with your help it can get done a lot faster.

Also there is a discreet donation button on the home page because of past relations Jamie is the sole person behind everything that goes on with the web site. The Production, the Post the Graphics and the Money so anything you can do is well needed, and well appreciated, so thank you and advance. There is going to be a lot of changes coming to the site, so to see which shows are coming up simply click on the upcoming shows tab, which pops up if you hover on the listen live chat tab. Same goes for past shows, click on a recent shows. Enjoy and take care.

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