The Jamie Havican Show Archive Guest Gary Leggiere..The Mad Martian.

Posted by Jamie Havican on Monday, 9 of December , 2013 at 4:35 pm


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The Archive Podcast Of The Jamie Havican Show With Guest Gary Leggiere..The Mad Martian at 8pm EST 5 pm PST We will be talking The Faces Of Mars and More. His Sites  &

toaddforpostGary Leggiere (aka Gary the Mad Martian) Gary is an independant Mars researcher & image analyst of Mars imagery since 1998. Gary told the incredible story about how Richard Hoagland had filmed a TV show called “Ufo Diaries” back in 1993 that contained many new faces on Mars that have never been released to the public before by Richard Hoagland & NASA. Gary worked directly with Richard Hoagland researching Mars on his website, Enterprise Mission and they got along great for a long time.

Then out of the blue in 2003, Gary received a burnable CD in the mail of an old television show called “UFO Diaries” along with a cryptic note that said to carefully look at this video and he would find the answers he was looking for about Mars. There was no return address on the package and Gary has never found out who sent it. Whoever sent this package to Gary wanted to expose the truth about Mars and the deception of Richard Hoagland! Thank God they did because this mystery package started Gary on his amazing journey!.

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Gary’s Challenge To Richard Hoagland To Come On Air, Or Come Clean

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Comment by dave

Made Thursday, 12 of December , 2013 at 1:30 pm

there are 11 of them face pyramids, i came across ufo diaries by chance and after a few stop start pauses and includeing the original Cydonia facs and the utopia region face pyramid.and many screen shot photos and retakes lol. If you go to Garys face book page and look at one of his friends called doug ohboy. Thats me and go to the photo album and be amazed there is also some Curiosity images there as well with my artist impression of the artifacts so people can make them out easly..

Comment by Jamie Havican

Made Thursday, 12 of December , 2013 at 7:14 pm

Yeah I agree if anyone has goggle earth just go to switch view and chose google mars and if you spend 5 mins looking around you will see all kinds of stuff there as talked about in the show.

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