Archive Of The Jamie Havican Show With Guest Gerard Aartsen As 1st Show Of 2014

Posted by Jamie Havican on Monday, 13 of January , 2014 at 3:50 pm

This Show Aired 1-12-2014


Jamie HavicanKicked Off 2014 with his First Show After rebuilding the studio, website and planning out 2014 as the biggest growth year ever. His first guest is Gerard Aartsen Who He Has Had One Once Before and this show went very well.

The Show Starts at 9pm EST 6pm PST And That Will Be The Jamie Havican Show Schedule From Now On Sundays 9pm EST. Make Sure you Vist The Interactive Chat During The Show To Ask Questions, Chat With Hosts, And Other Listeners.

here-to-help-ufos-and-the-space-brothersHere Is A Bit About The Book

Second, revised edition with seven of the photographs now in full colour. Exploring the facts behind the myths, this book reframes the debate about the reality of the space visitors in view of the unprecedented changes engulfing the world today. After the early contactees had been ruthlessly debunked by an organized disinformation campaign, a new context was carefully constructed by clandestine government agencies in collusion with the media, with only one purpose: to ridicule or instil fear of the extraterrestrial presence. And while the experiences and messages of the original contactees are now largely being ignored amid the frenzy of fear-based speculation that has resulted from decades of cover-ups and subsequent conspiracy theories, the author shows that they are in fact more relevant today than ever before by bringing together the spiritual and the practical strands of Ufology. From historical records, documentary evidence and testimonies of early and contemporary contactees against the background of the Ageless Wisdom teaching, this book uncovers the patient and sustained efforts of the space people to interact with people of Earth. In the process it reveals the true motive for their presence – to help humanity through this historical time of transition by sharing their wisdom and technology. According to the author, the message from space can be summarized as: Life is One, so live as one…or perish. About the author: Gerard Aartsen, M.Ed., has been a student of the Ageless Wisdom teaching for over 30 years. His many years of research resulted in the online reference Our Elder Brothers Return – A History in Books. A long-standing co-worker in the worldwide network of groups affiliated with British esotericist Benjamin Creme, he writes regular contributions to Share International magazine about the extraterrestrial presence on Earth. He is also a frequent guest on international radio shows about UFOs and related subjects, and gives lectures at home and abroad.

Other Books And Information About Gerard


The Del Rio UFO Festival Press Release & Info

George Adamski’s Wikipedia

List Of Some Of The First Contactees In 1950s

A Site I Found While Researching The Show With Tons Of Info On The Topic

Gerard Aartsen’s Website

Link To Photo Gerard Sent Me During The Interview

Gerard Will Be Returning As A Guest Within The Next Couple Months.

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