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Posted by Jamie Havican on Wednesday, 22 of January , 2014 at 9:36 am

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Last week on The Jamie Havican Show at  9pm EST 6PM PST Jamie talked to an eye witness of an incredible UFO incident that was photographed back in 2004. Raymond Warren contacted me about a year ago and sent me this amazing photograph of a UFO flying over some power lines in a wooded area taken with a high resolution camera. At the time I was going to try to get the story and photo published in one of the major UFO magazines, but things did not go as planned. I recommended that Raymond contact William Puckett of UFONW.Com (UFOs Northwest), having interviewed William in the past, I know he is a very competent and in depth researcher.

The witness did so, and Mr. Puckett has researched this case very thoroughly and has sent the photograph to Dr. Bruce Maccabee for analysis. The case is currently being investigated and the witness is taking more pictures of the area to determine the size of the craft. We will talk to William Puckett to get his thoughts on the case and the photographs and then interview Raymond to hear word for word as to how this photograph came about and the incident itself. All the information about the case so far is in link below.

RWUFOsCheck out the link below to the story and photo that is on Mr. Pucketts website. Although the photo is not great quality, the copy I have is, and I am in the process of getting a new copy sent to him.

If You Have Interest in contacting Raymond Email me

Links we talked about in the show Below.

Triangle UFO Mr.Puckett Mentions

Link I Mentioned About All Past Sightings In Great Falls, SC,%20SC%20on%20Tuesday%2013%20September%202005

The Redondo Beach UFO William Puckett Mentioned he recived that is like this one  we talked about in the show

The Trent Photos Dr.Maccabee Said Is a lot like Raymonds

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