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Posted by Jamie Havican on Monday, 27 of January , 2014 at 8:32 pm


This week’s was Chris brown who I’ve interviewed in the past on my show Inception Radio, and co hosting on pang radio. We will be talking about his close encounters with UFOs that he had 2011 in Sublimity, Oregon. I’ve talked to Chris extensively about his encounter in sighting which took place on the 18th of August and the 27th of August. He describes these as or does with a red liquid center, not your traditional UFO. Into his research he says his encounter, and what he’s seen, is much like Ezekiel’s Wheel from the bible. Ezekiel describes a craft as a wheel within a wheel. So what was is craft, what was it doing, is it indeed a UFO,  or some type of unknown phenomenon, whenever it is it has affected Chris very heavily ever since the first sighting on August 18th of 2011.

He’s become very frustrated why nobody wants to pick up this story. I myself would have to agree because you watch some of these shows mostly where most knowledge is spread to people that are not inside of the community and you see a lot of the seemed people in the same stories over and over again. So we’ll have Chris back on the show Sunday the 26th 100% live and we will go into detail as much as possible about his sighting his encounters,  trying to get the information out there to somebody that has the time, and  is willing to look into this case. Chris wants answers and if anybody else has seen a craft like this please comment or e-mail me and let me know.

Press Play To Listen  

You can listen to past interviews I’ve conducted with Chris by Googling my name (Jamie Havican) as well as his name (Chris Brown) and the word(interview) in you’ll pull up the interviews. It’s a good thing to do before the show this coming Sunday so you can, hear  he is description of the craft from the past shows and ,Then  you can ask live questions by calling in.It is of very interesting story in unlike any of the I’ve ever heard, the way the craft affected him, the way it looked , strange indeed, so join us Sunday night January 26, 9 PM Eastern time and remember to click on the radio – listen tab in the menu to join a chat room and also please register for the website just click the registration page,  I can hit one button in e-mail all users when something important happens or, is coming up. Below is a image that Chris did himself that best fits what he has seen, And links to things we talked about during the show .To Email Me

His UFOsNW Report

Article On The Success Of The 1st Del Rio UFO Festival

And Chris Now Has A New FB Page for his encounter please like it



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