The Jamie Havican Show, Guest Nick Redfern

Posted by Jamie Havican on Saturday, 14 of June , 2014 at 6:47 pm

This week marks Jamie’s first show since early February of this year , and the first of his to Air on KGRA Radio of which he is now a member of, back with old friends, and shows he has worked with over the years. He is excited to be back, and hosting the show while talking about this very important topic within UFOology, which is researchers, witnesses, and military officials who died of mysterious deaths, that some believe we’re done to silence them, and the knowledge they held. Nick Redferns new book called Close Encounters Of The Fatal kind And hits bookstores June 23 Published By New Page Books, and promises to be very eye opening. This is also his first show since he remodeled the studio and moved it to another location.Below is some information about Nicks new book Close Encounters Of The Fatal Kind, as well as his Bio.

Click Here For Nicks Bio       Click Here For Information On The Book


The Show Aired On KGRA Radio Jamies New Home, please like his Facebook Page to keep up to date with him, and the shows.

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