Inception Radio Show Paints A Not So Rosy Picture Of UFOs In The News With Diligent Blogger Tom Rose & Sci-Fi Journalist Mack Maloney

Posted by Jamie Havican on Sunday, 1 of September , 2013 at 11:10 am

Jamie Havican of the Inception Radio Show cracks his knuckles before he delves into numerous daily UFO themed articles churned up by a hardworking online-blogger,’s Tom Rose. Later in the show, Jamie grabs Sci-Fi journalist Mack Maloney for debriefing on UFOs in wartime.

TOM ROSE is an online-blogger for who currently focuses on UFO cases and sightings across the globe. Tom currently publishes up at 7 articles + per day on the anomalous objects sighted over populated areas on a daily basis. His work goes beyond mere regurgitation of looping UFO news, but of analysis of photographic and video evidence presented by the witness. He presents the data in a clear and understandable manner to ease the reader’s ability to draw their own conclusions.

MACK MALONEY is an author whose books cover the lure of wartime stories with an action packed narrative of “old-time swashbuckling pirate adventures updated to the 21st century”. Mack grew up in Dorchester, Mass. and his path to becoming a novelist was conceived the moment he was handed a typewriter in the 4th grade and spawned a creative bug to be a pitch-man to sci-fi editors. Mack has written several wartime thriller fiction books; such as; “Wingman”, “Operation Caribe”, ‘The Pirate Hunter’s”, among several others. He took the leap to writing his first non-fiction book in 20 years covering true testimonies of UFO connections to wartime events with his upcoming release of “UFOs in Wartime: What They Didn’t Want You To Know”.

Tune in this Friday at 9pm eastern for an insight into a blogger’s world involving 24/7 UFO research, right here on the Inception Radio Network.

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